Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Me, Cubed

I spent thirty minutes this morning battling Gravitar for a user name. It's a familiar struggled waged in the electronic age.

In the pre-Internet world, it never would've dawned that three other "me's" walk the planet. We're all communicators. Three of us are writers. Two of us write fiction--novels (me) and screenplays.

Dr. Christine Nolfi--who I believe changed her Internet presence to Kristine Nolfi in the last year--is a physician from Rome, Italy. She writes on holistic subjects and natural alternatives to healing, issues that are dear to my heart. In case you haven't already guessed, my family (on my father's side) is from a small village outside Rome. I'm 99% certain I'm related to Dr. Kristine.

There's also a Christine Nolfi who's an attorney on the east coast. I think she's in her thirties and lives in Philly. The fourth, Chris Nolfi? He's a writer in Hollywood.

These discoveries have effectively banished any hubris I might've harbored regarding my individuality. Geez, I'm wrought from a cookie cutter mold, and all of the me's arrive with the desire to write. Why haven't I found a Christine Nolfi, real estate agent? Or secretary? Hey, there should be a Christine Nolfi, chef, but maybe that one exists in all four: you know, the Italian thing. We like to cook.

If you're reading this post, I must ask: have you found duplicate selves in cyberspace? Do those other "you's" share the same interests? The same career?

Do tell.

Drawing: A random sketch by my youngest daughter, Marguerite


  1. That's a lovely drawing. It looks like she understands proportion and shadowing (i.e. the parts of the face such as eyes, nose are correct). Not sure what art class your daughter is in, but she could become an illustrator or graphic designer. (Medical illustration is probably the most stable and lucrative of that sub-field).

    Maybe not RISD-level, but surely CIA or CCAD-level. (In my previous life, I wanted to design/engineer/draw automobiles for the Big Three).

  2. Hi, Josh! Marguerite has never received formal training--she's self-taught. I've tried to lure her into art classes ... no dice. She thinks of drawing as a hobby. Nuts, I know, but that's how she views her artistic gifts.

  3. Some people have natural gifts. One must not bury his or her talents.

    Based on what you told me, if this is her raw baseline ability, then her ceiling is pretty much near limitless.

    Famous running backs, such as Franco Harris or Eric Dickerson or Earl Campbell, excelled in the NFL. Like art, athletics involves some level of natural ability. It has been said when asked how those stars excel at what they do, they are at a loss to explain their ability--such as seeing running lanes before they appear--..they just do what they do...

    Same with musicians. Phil Collins was an exceptional singer and drummer, and likely awesome at the same time. Ditto with Karen Carpenter.

  4. Thanks, AS. I certainly think my daughter is very talented!

  5. That is one talented artist. I know because I took an art class and could draw stick people. Great picture.
    Mj> Macie

  6. Thanks, M. J. My daughter doesn't think she's talented. I'll tell her that you said otherwise!