Monday, June 13, 2011

Gummy Bears Underfoot

As I write this on a sunny Monday morning, a herd of teenagers are a few feet away. They've taken over my kitchen. Pots clattering, egg shells flung across the counter and Gummy Bears underfoot--the last time I checked, they'd grabbed the chocolate chips and were tossing them into the pancake batter. Yesterday 100-plus people arrived for Marlie's grad party; the kids in the kitchen are the pals who decided to spend the night in the basement.

Tomorrow evening I have a critique meeting with Mary Ann and Ellen. There's a stack of pages on my desk awaiting one last edit. My inbox is full. I picked Barry up from the airport last night--he worked a Wellness show in Chicago--and he's dead to the world in my bedroom. How he's managing to sleep through the chaos is a mystery.

All of the above makes me wonder: how do other novelists find time to write? How is it possible that any books are ever written? It's no wonder that so many works are created in the dead of night, with a pooch dozing at the writer's feet, the phone silent, and those cherished loved ones tucked in their beds. What is even more amazing is how so many novelists pull off the late night writing shift then rise in the morning to greet the 9-to-5.

To all of them, I send heartfelt cheer and a hearty thumbs up. I'd also send a pot of coffee but it won't transmit through cyberspace.


  1. Hi Christine! Nice to meet you via cyberspace! It's true that we are night creatures but I have to admit that my best writing occurs in the wee hours of the morning and most days I don't stop until well after noon, which, I am embarrassed to admit, but, favorite outfit is pajamas! Anyway, life is nutty for writers and we all are trying to fit in normal life while we attempt to do the art. It's a challenging balance.

    Please stop by the prairie to say howdy to follow and comment if you can. Best to you and we'll see you on author central!

    Susie Rosso Wolf

    ps, I'm following you!

  2. Hi Susie! I'm now following your blog. I'm also smiling: like you, my favorite outfit is pajamas, especially when I can write all morning long in a quiet house.

  3. I don't know if the post went through the first time, as Google Accounts are very tricky to use.

    Working at night is the best, because one's creative juices are flowing at that point. However, it messes up your sleep cycle.

    What I've found what works best is getting into a routine. Even opening a pop right before you write is a trigger that says it's time to work.

  4. Josh, I agree! Finding a writing "trigger" and keeping a routine can get those creative juices flowing.

  5. I can visualize your busy house. Being the mother of four boys (three still living at home), working full-time, being the wife of a pastor (with the added responsibilities that brings!), attempting to finish up homeschooling our youngest two in their senior year of high school ... and trying to find time to get my third book into print? I would say we writers are a strange breed and we'll always find time to write because it is in our blood!

  6. Sheesh, Rosie, your schedule makes mine seem like a piece of cake! How do you find time for all your responsibilities and writing and and homeschooling two kids? You're a dymano, lady!

    Here's wishing you all the best with your third book.