Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bring on Summer

I love this time of year.

The windows are thrown open, the kids have the warm summer months ahead of them, and I write, day or night, guilt-free. There's something about summer that lets you off the hook--you can do whatever you wish, brush your hair or not, catch fireflies at dusk and great story ideas at dawn.

You can let those creative juices flow.

Writers have habits and here are a few of mine: I rise early and immediately head for my office with a cup of coffee. I work in my pajamas for the first hour or two, blissfully aware that a world without high heels is my kind of heaven. I like an orderly desk. Sometimes I eat salads for breakfast and cereal for dinner.

At 52, I feel I've earned the right to do what I like.

Today I'll work on polishing Second Chance Grill, slated for release on Amazon this month, and pray that Joe, a mechanic head, shows up to look at my tractor. I don't know why the Kubota is overheating. Nala visits the vet this afternoon. The mini-beach is now open at the gym, and I might take work up there later in the afternoon--there's nothing quite so fun as completing a line edit beside gurgling waters while wearing a bathing suit.

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