Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Critique Group Update

Mary Ann, Ellen and I met last night for a critique meeting. Mary Ann still isn't writing, but Ellen had a wonderful scene from her current WIP, a romance set in the late 1800s. TOR requested 100 pages of another novel, which is definitely motivating her to continue producing.

As always, I loaded down my valiant critique partners with 25 pages to edit.

Prior to releasing Treasure Me on Amazon, I was working on a WIP set in Istanbul. The novel isn't a comedy like so many of my works. I like to think it's deeper, closer to literary fiction. But, for now, it's on hold as I continue polishing Second Chance Grill for release on Amazon in June.

I'll spend much of today on a tractor mowing pastures of my horse-farm-with-no-horses. The time won't be wasted. Time outside, enjoying nature, always helps with characterization, plotting, motivating a character for an upcoming scene. There's something about walking away from a WIP for a few hours that stirs the subconscious. I've written more great scenes while doing anything BUT writing--why the creative process works in such a mysterious way, I'll never know.

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